Saturday, July 26, 2014

Barn Swallows Round Two

Start of new nest on clothesline.
In May I shared a post about Barn Swallows building a nest at the back of our cabin. All seemed fine. The pair completed their nest and had five chicks. We tried to stay away, but one day I saw a dead baby on the deck. By the time Wayne went to remove it there four dead babies, no more sounds from the nest, and the parents disappeared. We were at a loss for what happened.

A week later the pair returned frantic to build a new nest at the front of the cabin. We had hoped they would refurbish the old one. When we went out back to remove it, we sadly discovered a dead fledgling inside. No wonder they had to move for their second brood.

Mom working on the nest with mud and grass.

After a week of stuffing newspaper around the front of the cabin, we gave up and let them choose their spot. We wanted enough time for the babies to mature for their long migration south by late summer.

Dad waiting nearby with mud in his beak.
They decided to build on top of our clothes line. It looks extremely precarious and is right outside our side porch door. There's no way we can stay away from them completely, but nature must take its course.

I again used plastic to protect our wall, table, and deck from all the droppings. From laying to fledging it will take about five to six weeks. I guess we can live with it that long.

The location is perfect for filming from inside our living room sliding glass door. I sure hope it works out for them this time. -- Margy


  1. So sad their whole little family of chicks didn't make it. Hopefully their second batch will. You are your husband are very patient with them. I love birds and would have done the same.

  2. How sweet you are to let the swallows nest, swallows are favorite birds of mine. Poor birds with their dead babies in the first nest. Better luck this time around.

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Cool to get to watch nature so closely.

  4. Amazing what we can do for them! You are very accomodating!

  5. They are certainly persistent little birds.

  6. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Hope this nest of little ones goes the full term and they fly away happily. They do pick the strangest places for nests ... one year when we lived in England they made it over the window and ledge so we couldn't open the window. But we had a good view of the nest through the net curtains.


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