Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Semi-Homemade Curtains

My "new" window in the downstairs bedroom has been waiting for curtains since John completed it in 2012. I wanted to use heavy winter suiting like my other curtains, but I couldn't find any in the right colour. Finally, I found some store bought curtains at Fred Meyer in Bellingham.

They were long enough for a full-sized window, but the price was right. For the two panels, with my "senior discount," they were $17.99. So I got my scissors out and cut them down to size. A hand sewn hem got them ready in sort order.

http://www.amazon.com/CURTAIN-EXPANDING-WHITE-METRE-HOOKS/dp/B007IWXVNQWayne installed the curtain wire for me. I had enough left over from my bathroom curtain, so that part was free. It's a simple solution that includes a PVC coated wire, hooks and eyes. There's enough in the kit for three good sized windows.

The curtains are thin, but do the trick. I keep them open when we're home. They close only when we're away. I may make some replacements if I ever find the right material. But for now, semi-homemade will do the trick.

Come back tomorrow to see how I got the wrinkles pressed out, and the hem ironed flat. You just might be surprised. -- Margy


  1. Love the cleverness of it all. And they look wonderful - I'll be back tomorrow - I need ironing tricks.

  2. I have that colour in my living room! Good choice.

  3. OH! YAY! The curtains are up!

  4. Your new curtain is beautiful. I want to check out the Ironing trick!

  5. Thanks all for stopping by to check out my new curtains. It only took me two years to get them up. - Margy


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