Sunday, December 01, 2013

Powell Lake Boathouses

For years, boathouses were a fixture in Powell River.  I really mean in Powell River.  At five-eighths of a mile, it claims to be the second shortest in the world. It's free flowing distance is even shorter with the hydro-electric dam built in 1912 that blocks it's route to the sea.

In this short river at the south end of Powell Lake, there used to be 25 boathouses. They were there for many years, but in 2006 were deemed to be a danger to the dam, thus removal was required. It was a quiet and orderly retreat, a rare occurrence for a town that holds its historic roots in high esteem.

Now you'll find many of those boathouses in different parts of Powell Lake. Some are up the lake at float cabins, some are at the logging company near Mowat Bay, and some are at the Powell Lake Marina we lovingly call "The Shinglemill." They always make me reflect on what life must have been like when the town was smaller, the mill was more community minded, and life was a little more simple. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Wonderful reflection photography and fascinating posts ~ love to read the history and see the photos ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  2. Your last shot is absolutely stunning. I remember reading about this site and visiting near there.

  3. I didn't know that about the river. I had to go to Google and measure it. From the dam to the sandbar at the outlet is only 840 metres. Wow!

    The "lake" is rather strange, too; it's more like a wide river with a loop in the middle. At its widest point, it is 2.8 kilometres wide; the Fraser River, at the widest point that I could see, out by Deroche, is 1.7 kilometres, just under two thirds of the width.

    And Goat Island, in the centre of the loop contains two more lakes. Lakes in a lake.


  4. And up on Frogpond Lake which is one of the lakes on Goat Island (you can land a seaplane on this lake)there are a few cabins, and some old buildings that I was told were part of an old Italian settlement from way back. There is an old mine there as well that I have been in... kinda scary in the tunnels.

  5. Susannah - Another interesting fact is that Powell Lake has ancient sea water trapped at the bottom from after the ice age glaciers retreated.

    niceprguy - That must be a really remote spot for a cabin. No boat traffic way up there. I haven't been up, but of course John has.


  6. Wonderful water reflection...nicely done


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