Tuesday, December 03, 2013

BC Ferry in Drydock

When we got back to the cabin way back on October 6, we saw lots of evidence of heavy winds. One of the mooring lines to our writer's retreat boat Gemini was snapped. So was the mooring line to our BC Ferry tied to the transition float.

I took this picture of a buoy that jumped over the log boom, but didn't notice that our ferry was hiding out there as well. By the time I realized where it was, it was too lake. Powell Lake has strange ways and currents. Sometimes she takes things away, sometimes she sends them home again (see Stumpy's story).

This week I was walking out to the transition float and saw our missing ferry floating just under the surface. She was almost filled with water (instead of air). I pulled her out and placed her in drydock tied to a chair. Once she drains, we'll find and plug her leaks. If ever a ferry deserved to go back into service, this one does. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    One of the highlights of visiting BC is taking the ferry to the Island. We bought our grandson a little ferry the first time we visited ... and it still gives out the sound the ferry makes on sailing. Glad you got your BC ferry back and hope it floats/sails again.

  2. Great shots! I like your ferry boat.

  3. Linda - I enjoy taking the ferries too, but they are raising their rates and cutting their service. That really hurts a coastal community that isn't linked to the mainland by road. - Margy


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