Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Satellite Radio

Last week I posted about technology, explaining that our float cabin is off the "technology grid" for Internet. But we do use satellite technology for radio.  We've had XM radio (now SiriusXM Satellite Radio) for over ten years. Ours is set up on our kitchen shelf along with our phones (tech central). From here, wires lead to their antennas.
We love listening to audio for television channels such as CNBC (for Wayne's stocks) and CNN (for world news). Wayne follows U.S. professional and college sports on channels like ESPN Sports Radio and College Sports Nation.  We also enjoy today's hits and classics on The Pulse. Having a wide range of music, news, investment, sports, and talk radio keeps us up to date with current affairs.

Satellite radio does have one drawback. On occasion, transmissions are interrupted, usually only briefly when weather and wind conditions are the worst. Speakers indoors and out let us listen to our hearts content. Here up the lake, we have the best of both radio worlds, traditional and satellite. -- Margy


  1. Thanks goodness for satellite radio.

  2. Stephanie - Isn't it great! But I still love to listen to our local SUN.FM for news, weather, and the weekend top 20. - Margy

  3. Awesome! Is next week going to be about your TV? lol

    abcw team


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