Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mouse Motel

It's no fun to get home and find you've been invaded by mice. We figured we'd been inundated by hoards because there was evidence -- in the kitchen, bathroom, even upstairs in the bedroom. You know what I mean - poop everywhere!

I attacked the kitchen with hot water and soap. Wayne checked possible entry points. I had to throw out bags of trail mix, dried cranberries, even Stick Tail's dry cat food.  Wayne got our Havahart live trap and set it up under the pantry.

Before bed we caught our first mouse and Wayne put him outdoors. In the morning, he set up the "Mouse Motel" with a large plastic tub complete with water, food, and a plywood roof.  The second night we caught mouse number two.  When Wayne went to add him to the "Mouse Motel," he got a surprise. He found three mice huddled together. During the night, two more jumped inside to get the food.

We didn't catch any more, so Wayne put the "Mouse Motel" in our tin boat and headed to Goat Island. On the way, he saw a mouse running along the gunnels. He donned his gloves and returned the escapee to his "room." At the island, all four mice scurried off to find new homes.  But as Wayne was on his way back, he saw a fifth mouse running along the gunnels. Maybe he was a stowaway from under the boat's floorboards. Wayne reunited him with his buddies.

Fortunately, for the guest in our "Mouse Motel," they check in, and they DO check out. -- Margy


  1. It is mouse season, isn't it?! I'm thinking of doing a trap. Although, the cats are pretty good.

  2. Such kind hearted mouse hunters - perhaps instead of trapping them inside you just feed them outside?

  3. So good of you to capture them unharmed.

  4. So nice to hear you try to keep them alive! They are Gods creatures too!

  5. We are still catching mice outside, but no more have moved indoors. I hope when we leave for the Christmas holidays non decide to celebrate in our kitchen. - Margy


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