Friday, November 01, 2013

Cardinal and Gold vs Orange and Black
It's football weekend. Wayne and I came down to Oregon State in Corvallis to watch the match-up with our team from the University of Southern California. The USC Trojans met the Oregon Beavers for an excellent football game this evening.

The 31 to 14 winning results gave the Trojans a 6-3 record (2nd for the south division of the PAC12) and the Beavers a 6-3 record (3rd for the north division of the PAC12). Things are heating up with just a few conference games to go for the season.

While we can't make it to Berkley for the next USC game against Cal (Saturday, November 9, at noon), you can be sure Wayne and I will be watching it on television. Fight on! -- Margy


  1. Wow! How did I miss that you are such an SC fan. Saw the score only flipping channels last night. Went to SC during time if Ricky Bell and total winning streaks.

  2. I used to watch a lot of football, but up here at our log cabin we only get 1 channel that shows the games, and that's only some of the time. Hope USC goes all the way!

    Congrats on getting your photo highlighted on the Orange blog, it looks great! And thanks for the introduction to that blog:)

  3. Tssh - Wayne came west from upstate New York to go to graduate school at USC. I follow along for the fun. - Margy


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