Thursday, September 26, 2013

Powell River Kings Hockey

Wayne and I love to go to Powell River Kings Junior "A" Hockey games. Our hometown team draws players from around Canada and occasionally the United States. It's great hockey and lots of fun joining our neighbours to cheer the players on. GO KINGS GO!

For about a year, there's been no concession stand for food during games. But good news, the wait is over. They city has selected Planet Cleve to take over running indoor food sales.

The last time Wayne and I were at a game, they were outside with their mobile food cart. Now getting a "best burger on the planet" from Planet Cleve will be even easier.  Or choose a pulled pork sandwich, hotdog, or prawns. A recent Facebook post says there will be even more choices inside, including the "best fries on the planet." We'll have to try some of those next time.

But it's awfully hard to focus on hockey between bites. She looks, she bites, she scores. Yum!

Update: Powell River Kings games are still the best "game" in town, but the food concession is  now the Bite Club offering traditional and healthy options.


  1. I don't know whether to cheer for Powell River, where you and Wayne live, or for Langley, where my brother lives!
    The city of Medicine Hat is supposed to be building a new home for the Medicine Hat Tigers, with more seats, and closer to our house, so I imagine there will be Junior Hockey in our future. We've only managed to get to one game in the 12 years we've been here because the arena is so small, and the season ticket holders "own" all the seats.
    Have fun, and some of that yummy-looking food.

  2. I used to enjoy hockey as a child when we lived in MA and my brother played. As an adult, I watched some games when the opportunity's quite the game!

  3. Hockey is not my thing. I dread hockey season as my hubby watches at all the hockey games.

  4. Sounds like it will be a fun evening!

  5. Kay - Just rooting for the kids (young men) is all that matters. They really put their hearts into the game. Our arena is plenty large, even on playoff nights. Now there are seats for everyone, not just cement benches in some areas.

    Stephanie - I know how you feel. Wayne is a TV football fanatic. But I do enjoy sports events if I can go live.


  6. Thanks for the kind comments about our burgers Margy! We enjoyed meeting you and your husband at the Kings game. Hope to see you again!

  7. Thanks for this great article on the Kings. Just a note, Planet Cleve will not be at the Langley game Friday night (September 27th). The Kings had pre-planned a tail-gate party with Barry and Louise from Dominion Lending. Cleve has been a great addition to our last handful of home games however!

  8. Thanks for the update Alex. Hope they will be back soon! - Margy

  9. Good news! Planet Cleve has been given the go-ahead to move indoors to take over the concession stand. Now great burgers (and even fries) will be only a few steps away from the hockey action. - Margy


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