Saturday, September 14, 2013

Famous Pooch

Bro is a famous pooch here in Powell River.  He is one of the main characters in Wayne's Coastal BC Stories books.  Bro is getting up in years now, he's about 16.  That's senior citizen range for a Black Lab.

But Bro keeps on trucking (or I should say quadding). Wherever John goes, so goes Bro in his hand crafted aft quad box.

Here's Bro hanging out on the beach after a lively frog hunt. That sure gave him a youthful glow. Pets are such an important part of lives, aren't they. -- Margy


  1. He looks like a sweet dog.

  2. I've read so much about Bro in Wayne's books, I feel I know him. He's reached a great age for a big dog. All that healthy living up the lake.


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