Friday, August 02, 2013

Overnight Anchorage in Ballet Bay, BC

Last week Wayne and I took a short cruise down the Sunshine Coast from Powell River to Gibsons to visit friends. Our first night out we stopped in Ballet Bay. It isn't that far from Powell River, and it's a well protected anchorage in a beautiful location.

This was our first cruise with our cat Stick Tail.  You can read more about his cruise here. Because of that, we didn't want to go too far just in case he didn't like the new experience. Fortunately, all went well.

Ballet Bay is on the west side of Nelson Island on the Sunshine Coast. And we had plenty of that. Afternoons in the summer can get pretty choppy out in Malaspina Strait. But as soon as we rounded the tip of Hardy Island, it became calm and smooth. There were already a few boats anchored in the medium sized bay, but we found a great spot tucked into one corner.

That night we enjoyed an almost full moon to light up our night sky. There wasn't any wind and the anchorage quiet. What a nice place to relax and swing on the hook, even in the middle of summer during the busy cruising season. -- Margy


  1. You really do live in such a beautiful part of the world. The scenery is just magnificent xxx

  2. So beautiful! And that's a great moon shot. I tried to get it that night, but none of the photos turned out.

  3. Stick is a traveling cat for sure now. What fun you all are having. Looks very relaxing too. MB

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous area! I must get up to Powell River someday. Have been as far as where you get the ferry but that's it.


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