Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Anchoring Off Gibsons Landing

During our recent cruise on the chuck (ocean), our destination was Gibsons, BC, to see our friends Ken and Sam. Our first night out, we stopped in Ballet Bay on Nelson Island. There was no rush, so we slept in and got a mid-morning start.

Our route followed the shoreline of the Sunshine Coast. We passed some previous anchorages including Buccaneer Bay on Thormansby Island and Secret Cove.

As we continued down the coast, we cruised through Welcome Pass. On our right was Merry Island with it's prominent lighthouse on the south end. The Merry Island Lighthouse was built in 1903 and is now a Canadian Coast Guard facility.

Gibsons Landing is the waterfront portion of this bustling community at the beginning of the Sunshine Coast.  Gibsons is easily reached from Vancouver by BC Ferries. It's also a hub for commercial and recreational maritime activity. It was also the location for the popular Canadian television show The Beachcombers.

We anchored outside the breakwater and used the new public dock to meet our friends for dinner at Gramma's Pub. There are lots of other restaurants and shops to visit.

Daytime boat traffic made the spot a bit choppy, but the night was very calm. It's open to the south and east, so it would be good to check the forecast before anchoring.  You can also get visitor moorage in the marina.  For a short provisioning stop, or an overnight stay, add Gibsons Landing to your boating itinerary. -- Margy


  1. I remember, as a child growing up in SE Alaska, going to visit by boat. We were excited for days before the trips and had such a grand time. Great memories, thanks.

  2. You sure had a beautiful day for it, Margy. I love that effect in the second photo when the next mountain range is blue.
    I always think I'd love to move back to the coast, but that's because I've forgotten how the humidity affects my fibromyalgia. When I'm particularly forgetful, I think I'd like to live aboard a boat.
    Foolish of me, but the ocean does exert a powerful pull.


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