Wednesday, August 28, 2013

End of Summer Garden

Where did the summer go? It seems to have come to an abrupt end here in Coastal BC. Up the lake, gardening in my float garden and deck pots is slowing down.

I've pulled all of my garlic and onions to dry and store. My potatoes will be the next to come out of the ground.

My snow peas and runner beans are dwindling, so I'll let them dry on the vine for next year's seeds.  The only thing that hasn't ripened yet are my tomatoes. Hopefully they'll get going before it really turns cold.

As I've pulled my summer spinach and lettuce, I've replaced it with chard and kale. That should carry me through the fall and winter for some fresh greens to go in salads and soups. I also have carrots and beets "stored" in the ground. For me, they last better that way.

What kinds of things are you growing now for harvesting during the colder months? -- Margy


  1. What an idea to have a garden floating in the river! In the Netherlands where I'm originally from many people live in "houseboats" on the rivers, but a garden I've never seen!

    Really hope summer will last a little longer here.

  2. How different to have a garden floating in the river! What is the reason for doing so? Sounds like you have a huge variety.

  3. Jeannette and Ann - Our cabin is called a float cabin. It floats in a calm bay on Powell Lake in Coastal BC. The cabin is tethered to shore with steel cables. Where we live, there isn't a place on shore to grow a garden. Consequently, I have a floating garden. It is right next to our cabin deck for easy access during the day. At night, we pull it out into the lake to protect the crops from small critters. - Margy

  4. Love your floating garden! I always had a huge garden but cannot do so where I am living now...

  5. I love the view looking down at your bay. I don't dare grow anything edible since we adopted a veggie-loving dog. The chard and kale sound like good late summer plantings. I envy you the snow peas, and so would Lindy if she could get at them. She would also like the beans.
    Here's hoping your tomatoes ripen!

  6. A floating garden! How interesting! Sounds like you have a very green thumb!

  7. I so admire you. My perennials are doing admirably, but my veggies I have failed. Again.
    Living in a locovore-type town, it's no big deal.
    I adore your story.

  8. Floating gardens - what a great idea. You just can't keep a good gardener down!

  9. This is highly interesting: a floating garden!
    I used to grow strawberries, but now I don't do much in the garden. I have a gardener for weeding and pruning.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  10. Hanging gardens and now floating garden !! What a "g"enius idea

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

  11. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Your floating garden is just delightful!

  12. Margy, I love how your float garden looks on the water, it's so different from ours that is surrounded by woods! We are still harvesting beans, corn and squash, but things are slowing here as well. We still have beets in the ground, waiting to harvest those, but we pulled our turnips and I am considering storing them in the ground as well. We've harvested and eaten some potatoes, and are waiting on the rest, which may also be stored in the ground. We haven't decided on a winter garden, though kale would be my choice to plant if we do...we're almost out of time to plant so I guess I better hurry and make a decision!

  13. Wow, like everyone else here I LOVE your floating garden. Its actually an idea Ive had (we live on a boat and I miss growing food) but didnt have the follow thru or nerve to do this in our marina. Here in industrail and populated Baltimore people are still very much thinking inside the box, and ventures such as these are shot down for being weird.Thanks for the great blog!

  14. GARDENING is something my wife and daughter did this year!


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