Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Overnighter to Harrison Hot Springs Resort

Last fall I drove through Harrison Hot Springs on my way to Sasquatch Provincial Park. It looked like a fun place to visit, so last week I returned for an overnight mini-vacation.  This resort town is hopping in the summer with water sports on Harrison Lake.  But this time of year it's a quiet spot with a more laid back atmosphere

One end of the village is anchored by the luxurious Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa. I walked down and lots of people were enjoying their spa experience and walking around in fluffy white robes. I chose to stay in the less pretentious (and expensive) Spa Motel. That's it with the red roof on the left. It was 50's style, but the room was clean and fresh. I would go back.

The weather was overcast with sprinkles for my whole stay, but that didn't stop me from walking the village from end to end. Even this time of year, there were lots of restaurants and shops open.

After checking my options, I chose the Old Settler Pub.  The settler may have been old, but the pub is new log construction. I love pubs. It was prawn night, a dozen in garlic butter for $4.99. I added wings, a salad, and Sleeman's Honey Brown for a special treat.

The next morning I went to a coffee shop called Muddy Waters. I got a coffee and one of their homemade chewy granola bars (it was divine) to go. I took it down to the benches along the shore of Harrison Lake. That was a nice end to a relaxing overnighter. -- Margy


  1. Visiting tourist attractions in the off peak time is the only way to go. Sounds like a lovely place to visit.

  2. It is a nice place to visit and relax in. Did you use the hot springs?

  3. This looks like a fantastic getaway! You are exposing me to places I never knew existed...I'm enjoying the vicarious travel very much:)


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