Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Debris Field

The water in Powell Lake is high after winter rains and the water level is up and rising higher with each storm.

Sticks, twigs, branches and whole logs have been washed from the shore and are floating in profusion all over the lake. The Hole in the Wall seems to attract this floating debris field. It will enter early in the morning and then float back out later in the day.

Some of the debris gets caught behind our log booms. We haul out stove-size chunks, kindling and small, thin logs that can be cut up to burn. The large logs we encourage to leave to find a shoreline home elsewhere.

Or to continue their journey towards the Shinglemill Marina and dam at the lower end of the lake. You have to keep your eyes open boating this time of year. A chunk of wood would just love to get lodged in our dual prop. -- Margy


  1. Very interesting post about the debris field. I often wonder what happens to houses that are swept away in hurricanes. This is similar. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. what a logjam!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. The very definition of the word "flotsam."

  4. There are sticks and twigs and leaves all over our yard and it looks a mess...never thought it'd be like that on the water.

    abcw team

  5. Gosh! We used to find all sorts of things in our wee bay on the lake. Nothing like this, though!

  6. Oh, my! Reminds me of our hurricane season. Sure interferes with the surrounding beauty. :/

  7. What a great choice for D. It makes me think of the old show "Beachcombers"!

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on my ABC Wednesday post.

    Carver - These are just stray logs and bits from the logging industry. Speaking of houses, we are getting debris from the Japan tsunami all along the northwest coast. Amazing.

    Gail - I guess in a way it does mar the beauty, but I love the various colours of the old and new wood. It only lasts for a short time as the lake rises. After that the debris finds a shore or makes it all the way to the dam at the mill where it is salvaged.

    Beverly - I wish we could get the Beachcombers on DVD. What a great show.



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