Friday, February 08, 2013

Peace Arch Provincial Park

I pass through the joint US and Canadian Peace Arch International Park heading north and south from my Powell River home to visit my mother in Bellingham south of the border.  Every time I'm reminded that I have my feet firmly planted in two countries.

The United States is my birth country. And that's where I was headed yesterday, passing the Peace Arch monument.

Canada is my adopted country and I love living here.  On the Canadian side, the monument's motto is "Brethren Dwelling Together in Unity."

Even though we I have our differences, we have many commonalities. As the border officer said, welcome home. Yes, even though my real home is in Powell River, BC, the US will remain home to me. -- Margy


  1. I was born in the States as well. We moved to Canada when I was six months old but only have my Mom and Sister here for relatives. All the rest still live in the USA. I am a dual citizen. Cheers - we have yet to get to Bellingham since moving to the Island in June. Its on our list of things to do soon!

  2. Cheapchick - As close as we both are to the border, it seems pretty common that people move back and forth to live, work and of course, shop. The parking lots in Bellingham are at least 50% Canadian cars, especially on weekends. - Margy

  3. Nice comments and photos.


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