Friday, September 28, 2012

Coal Train

There has been a lot of controversy in Bellingham about the building of a coal shipping terminal at Cherry Point. Even is this never comes to pass, there are still coal trains traveling the rails heading for British Columbia's Westshore Terminal at Robert's Bank.

The primary destination for all that coal is China.

Here's the train passing Chuckanut Bay on a sunny September day. It's actually heading south empty. The triple engine in the front is pulling. I assume the single at the end is either pushing or going along for the ride. -- Margy


  1. Not something you'd see at home, for sure! And it's a good bet that if all the cars are empty, then even one of the triple up front is going along for the ride.

  2. Lovely! You should submit this on Orange You Glad It's Friday, a meme dedicated to the color orange! Can be found here Hope to see you there!

  3. Love the photos, Margy, especially the first one, even if I'm opposed to American coal being shipped through Canada to China, on global-warming principles.
    I've seen the air pollution in China caused by burning coal, and I've seen Chinese people who won't go out without masks on their faces.

  4. Interesting post and great shots of the train.

  5. Beautiful photos.

  6. very soon, this will be a picture out of the some parts of the US it already is.....

  7. I am hoping we see more trains, carrying all sorts of goods. The company I work for is doing more an more intermodal as trains can carry a large amount of goods. Unfortunately, the rails have been so neglected here in the US that there will need to be a refurbishing. I live in a train town, 85 a day pass through. While we are out in the outskirts and don't get to see them, it's wonderful to hear the whistles late at night as they pass the crossings. We do have coal trains pass through too. I wonder if they are heading up your way? Wonderful photos.

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment on my SkyWatch post.

    Thanks for the invitation HoodPhoto. I come over to check it out.

    Kay - I know what you mean. Seems like all the raw materials are heading that way. Bellingham isn't too happy about all the coal moving through town, especially with a new port maybe opening up just below the border.

    Kathy - The train goes right past the marina in Bellingham. I've spent the night on the boat and the trains travel all night long. But from a distance, the whistle has kind of a comforting sound.



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