Tuesday, September 18, 2012

24 Hours, 2 Countries, 1 Provincial Park

Last week I used the good weather to squeeze in a solo camping trip. It's a two hour drive from Bellingham, WA, to Sasquatch Provincial Park at Harrison Lake, BC, (depending on the border wait). I went north on the Guide to Badger Road, east to the Sumas border crossing (they now have Nexus!), and north to Canada Highway 1 eastbound. At Exit 135, I took Highway 9 north through Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, along the east shore of Harrison Lake, and finally a well-packed dirt road to Sasquatch Provincial Park.

I first checked out the Hicks Lake Campground, but none of the vacant sites excited me. I went on to the Deer Lake Campground and found sites with foliage for privacy. I picked #16, just a short walk from the lake shore.

The afternoon was warm, sunny and calm. I left the car to claim the site and filled my backpack for a lunch hike. The trail along the south shore had the most water access.

The trail passes through some moist, swampy places. Bridges and causeways protect the environment and make this trail easier to hike. Today I had it all to myself.

There were some of the largest Skunk Cabbage plants I've ever seen. Spring must be beautiful (if a bit stinky) here. Looking back towards the campground in the waning light was beautiful.

When I got back it was time to set up camp. I brought a small tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, camp chair, flashlights, everything I would need for a comfortable night. Fortunately, the campground wasn't full and the campers were quiet. It made for a relaxing evening.

The campgrounds are open from March 30 to October 8 at a cost of $21 a night. Winter camping with no fee or services is available only at the Deer Lake Campground. I splurged for a bundle of wood and enjoyed a nice fire before I turned in to read myself to sleep. -- Margy

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  1. All the comforts of home and grand scenery as well!


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