Thursday, June 14, 2012

Riding the Island Sky BC Ferry

She's a bit more than a boat, she's a BC Ferry. The Island Sky is one of the newest ships in the fleet. After four and a half years from concept to completion, she went into service on the Earls Cove to Saltary Bay run on February 19, 2009. That's important for people who live in Powell River, BC. She's the first link in getting from our ocean locked mainland to the big city of Vancouver.

I was lucky enough to ride her when she was almost new. She's a 102-metre, 125-car intermediate size ferry built by the Vancouver Shipyard. She holds 600 passengers and 125 vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

We just took a ride on the Island Sky to bring Mom and Stick Tail (her companion cat) up to visit us for a few weeks.

Getting on the Island Sky at Earls Cove always means I'm almost home. That's a feeling I love. -- Margy


  1. I liked the BC ferry. Med. sized b oat ride around Peggy's Cove - not so much!

  2. When we arrive to Naniamo from Vancouver, I say to hubby that we are "home". Love Vancouver island. I have taken that ferry ride once before.

  3. Jenn - The ferries come in all sizes based on their routes. For a while we had an undersized ferry on our main run to Vancouver Island while the Queen of Burnaby was in for retrofit. It was so bad they made everyone leave the car deck during transit.

    Stephanie - I just wish they could figure a way to reduce fares and improve service.



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