Sunday, June 03, 2012

Powell River Yacht Club

Saturday when Wayne and I went up the lake to our cabin, we saw three sailboats tied to the Shinglemill dock. My guess is they are some of the Powell River Yacht Club's sailboats getting ready for summer sailing on Powell Lake.

The Powell River Yacht Club will be offering adult and youth sailing training again this summer. For more information, you can check their blog or website. -- Margy

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Powell River Yacht Club Youth and Adult Sailing Training
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  1. When I was over in Sechelt a few years ago, I got a fantastic shot of a group of sailboats just off - oh where was that? something like Secret Cove...does that ring a bell?

  2. I love seeing the kids sailing their dinghies. But I am not a great dinghy sailor, you get very wet and there is nowhere to make a cup of tea or chill the wine!

  3. Leslie - Yes, Secret Cove is near there. We went there a few times in our boat. Across the way is Thormansby Island. It has a nice sandy beach, but an open anchorage. After spending a nice day at the beach, it is good to run across to Secret Cover for a protected night.

    Fran - I'm not a good sailor either. Something about being on an angle I don't like.



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