Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Coastal BC Plants: Scotch Broom

 Scotch Broom

Usually May is the month when all the Scotch Broom in Powell River blooms in glorious yellow. Again this year it's late, but finally in full bloom.

Visually it's beautiful, but Scotch Broom is a non-native invasive perennial shrub that has taken hold in many places in the US and Western Canada as far north as the Queen Charlotte Islands. It was first introduced in Victoria, BC, as an ornamental plant in 1850. It has spread an amazing distance in a relative short period of time. It is categorized in many places as a noxious weed and efforts at eradication are taken to protect native plants, re-foresting efforts and animal habitats.

This forested hillside next to the Shinglemill Marina on Powell Lake was logged in about 2002. For several years, it was covered with typical logging slash debris. In 2010, there was a scattering of Scotch Broom, but look at it now. There's hardly a square inch left for native plants. When it comes time to develop this land, it will need some serious clearing. -- Margy


  1. We see the Scotch Broom everywhere here in the Comox Valley. I agree, it is pretty to look at.

  2. It's pretty, though!

  3. Great sequence on the risks of invasive species, and clear cut logging. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Greetings from Oman!!!! I was just passing by and had to stop and say that I really enjoyed your blog.Have a great day!


  5. I took the same shots last year, and you're right, this year is worse. And at the rate the developing is proceeding, it will be a few years yet!

  6. The broom looks absolutely beautiful. Our fields around us are all yellow at the moment. Unfortunately it is the rape crop which makes me sneeze and my eyes itch!

  7. NatureStop - Thanks for stopping by with such a sweet comment.

    Paul - We have our name on the list in case they ever do start developing. I've always like the section I call the notch just past Kinsman beach. But I've heard they want to make that part of a public beach.

    Fran - It is that time isn't it.



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