Friday, March 23, 2012

Working in All Kinds of Weather

Even under cloudy, rainy skies, the many tugs and fishing boats that moor in the Steveston Harbour head out the mouth of the Fraser River into the Strait of Georgia.

Standing at the end of Garry Point Park, I saw this tug riding the river's flow and outgoing tide at a good clip.

This empty barge might even be picking up a load to deliver to my home town, Powell River. The ocean highway is an efficient (but not speedy) way to transport goods. -- Margy


  1. Always nice to someone else post a tug picture!

  2. I've always loved tug boats. I was born in a hospital by the Fraser River and have loved boats all my life, but tugs in particular. Have you seen the tugs in the Panama Canal, with entire families living aboard, with a rocking chair on the after deck for Grandmother? Just wonderful.
    This tug was sure moving right along, wasn't it. I love the sounds of the ocean. Really enjoyed this, Margy.

  3. Anonymous4:10 PM

    that's a great sky in photo one! enjoyed the photos and the video!

  4. Those tug boats have a lot of power to pull huge vessels along. I enjoyed the video with the sounds of birds singing in the background.

  5. Beautiful skywatch photo... and video clip! Reminds me to try using the video function on my camera more. Nice post.

  6. Loved the video clip. It feels so good to see the ocean...xx

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment om my Skywatch Friday post.

    Paul - How could you live on the coast and not love tugs. They are so much a part of our lives.

    Kay - No, I haven't been to Panama, but Wayne was when he was in the Air National Guard. They went to Panama on rotations until control was given back. Tugs have to work at all hours, so it isn't surprising that people choose to live on them, especially the large ocean going models. The tug was going quite fast because the load was light, the sea was ebbing, and the Fraser River was running pretty fast. Plus I have to be honest, I sped it up just a tad to keep people interested.

    Spare Parts - I love the video feature in my digital camera. Gives me the best of both worlds, but the quality using zoom isn't very good.



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