Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Corner Shelf

Our cabin improvements are continuing with the help of our good friend John. Our great room is where we spend most of our time when indoors. Especially in winter, it can get a bit crowded with wood and kindling near the wood stove. After we got rid of a large, overstuffed rocker that we never used, we purchased a chest of drawers. It seemed the perfect solution, until we got it in place.

Getting the drawers open to access the contents became excessively frustrating. The solution was to take the chest of drawers up to the loft (it held mostly clothes anyway), and ask John to build us an open shelf for the same location. I made a sketch and talked the design over with John. He added his own suggestions and this is the result. With the existing wall mounted shelf, it looks like a complete unit.

The shelf has exactly the same footprint as the chest of drawers. But look at how much more accessible it is. The open bottom was John's idea to gain a few extra inches. And there's still space on the side for our fishing poles and kayak paddle. On top is one of my thrift shop treasures, a 1950's wood magazine rack I got for $1.99. Doesn't it look perfect? -- Margy


  1. It fits in beautifully, Margy.

  2. That fire looks nice and toasty. The open shelf works better too.

  3. I like the bookcase better too.
    We mostly sit around the wood stove on a cool evening. Delightful.

    Say, when are we going to see the barn pics??? MB

  4. MB - Your wish is my command. See tomorow's post. - Margy

  5. That shelf is great. I am in search for one like it for our guest room. He sure built a nice one.

    Love the pic of that red barn too! What a delightful drive it must have been.


  6. Such good craftsmanship. Isn't funny how some good ideas don't work out and drive more creative solutions. I like the mag rack -- what a find!

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on John great handy work. He continue to make great things for me. There's another piece waiting for me up at the cabin.

    Tash - I love the mag rack too. I wanted to spray paint it bright red, but Wayne convinced me to leave it with the original wood finish. I'm glad he did.


  8. I have the same propane heater, two of them actually, thats how we stayed warm all winter, I love them. Like the open bookcase, much more usuable in that space.


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