Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Planting

My goal last week up at the cabin was to get my spring planting done. I'm two weeks early (my traditional time is Easter week), but with my new schedule helping Mom, I didn't want to wait until my next trip in late April.

A month ago, I dug up the beds and added steer manure. This trip I added peat moss. Together, they will replenish the well used soil in my small plots.

For the second year in a row, I'm planting a minimal garden. I don't want to tie Wayne and John to watering all summer in my absence. I planted a strawberry border all the way around, and filled in a few holes with bare roots in my asparagus patch. Onion sets filled in the remainder of two beds. The other two got seeds for spinach, chard and radishes.

I planted Yukon Gold potatoes in two large pots on the deck. I've switched to them because they last much better during winter storage. Scarlet runner beans and snow peas went into two other large pots. Lastly, I planted garlic in three smaller pots on the transition float. Everything is clustered to make watering and tending easier.

At this time of year, my garden looks pretty bare. But there's a lot of potential. When I return in April I should see lots of sprouts, yellow daffodils, and maybe even a few onions to nibble. Have you started your garden yet? What are you planting this year? -- Margy


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Love your floating garden! I've planted onions and lettuce...onions did well, lettuce not so much. However I've eaten the lettuce and used 3 of the onions in an omelet!
    Will be planting tomato, squash, more lettuce, okra/lady finger seeds! I look forward to seeing how your garden grows! I garden on my patio!

  2. Wow, you have accomplished a lot on your garden. It will be nice once things start growing. Do you mind telling me how you grow you potatoes. Perhaps I should google it as this may be something I might want to grow this year. We are presently renting this house which we love. The owners said last year that they will be moving all their pots to the island this spring. So far no sign of removal yet as at the side of the house would be perfect for me to start growing some flowers and perhaps a vegie garden in pots. I was going to start seeds but is too late now and not sure when this move is going to happen for them. So I will buy starter plants at the garden center later in the spring.

  3. Hi Stephanie - i"ll answer here and also over at your blog. Potatoes are very easy to grow. They do like full sun. Because pots tend to dry out faster, watering when the soil feels dry is important. I fill the bottom of my barrel with about 8 inches of soil. I lay the potatoes on the soil and then cover them with about 2 more inches of soil. I use a mixture of potting mix and peat moss. When the potato plants get about 5 inches tall, I cover them completely with more potting mix and/or peat. They will continue to grow and after they get above the soil again about 5 inches I bury them one more time. That's usually all the space I have in my barrel. Then I just let them grow until they flower, then die back. Then I dig them up and store them in a cool place. Using the layering method allows more potatoes to grow below the soil. At the end of the season, I take out all but the bottom 8 inches of soil, dry it, and then save it in plastic trash bags for the next season with a little fresh peat moss mixed in.

    Here is an old post I did with pictures. - Margy

  4. You have been busy. My foot is somewhat hampering me at the moment, but I have planted red onions, broad beans, peas, parsnips and artichokes this week xxx

  5. Theanne - Good start. I can't say I am a huge fan of okra. Maybe because I grew up on the west coast. People around here probably don't know how to cook it right.

    Fran - Sorry to hear about your foot. Must be a challenge on the boat. I assume you planted on your alotment. That is such a nice thing to have a bit of land for gardening.



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