Monday, December 12, 2011

The Hulks at Work

Sunday was sunny, and the winds were gentle out of the northwest, a perfect day to take our new boat out for a spin on the Strait of Georgia. Living just above the harbour makes it easy. We walked down to the dock and off we went. We first headed out to Rebecca Rocks, but outside of the protection of Harwood Island, the swells got larger, so we decided to head over to the Hulks to see if there were any Steller sea lions at the breakwater.

You can read more about the Hulks that make up the Catalyst paper mill's breakwater here. Inside their protective circle, the mill can dock their incoming barges of pulp and outgoing loads of paper.

Today there were no sea lions. Maybe they were out foraging for food in the rich waters surrounding the Hulks. It's a known salmon fishing spot. We headed back to the North Harbour and the gentle northwest wind helped push us right into the dock. From our dock finger we can look up and see our condo on shore. What a wonderful town. Why don't you come visit Powell River? You may never want to leave. -- Margy


  1. I always like these "from the water" shots of the hulks, a perspective I've never seen myself, not being a boat owner.

  2. Beautiful pics. I wish I loved close to the water. I love the sea but I live in a desert. Oh well maybe I will move someday.

  3. That last photo is so beautiful, Margy, it's breaking my heart.
    I'd also have been heartbroken to miss the sea lions, although I only just recently realized you have them. I'll definitely be able to get Dick to take me up there if I can offer him sea lions. He likes them almost as much as I like penguins.
    Glad you got to go out on the water and not spend all your time editing!

  4. Paul - I know the mill is an industrial site, but it has a beauty all its own.

    Cats - The desert can be a wonderful place too, especially during a long, cold, wet winter. Maybe we should trade for a while.

    Kay - We had planned to go quad riding, but when our friends couldn't make it, we decided to use the nice weather for go out in the boat. Don't know where the sea lions went. They usually stick around through late spring. There weren't any out at Rebecca either. Strange.


  5. These “hulks” are certainly being put to good use. From some angles they almost look like a cement wall or huge boulders on the horizon. This is a clever recycling of historic ships that is not only useful but could result in a unique tourist attraction one day. :)

  6. I miss the smell of the sea breeze by just merely looking at your photos!

    THanks for sharing!

    Visiting from OWT :)


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