Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Freezing Nights

Official winter is almost here, but freezing nights can't seen to wait. Most of my garden plants are annuals, so I don't worry about saving them. But there were two that I felt needed a try this year.

First was my rhubarb root. It's in a medium sized pot on the transition float and I worry about it not having enough soil for protection. The other was my beautiful geraniums in the repurposed BBQ planter. I enjoyed them so much this year I thought maybe they could survive with a little help.

I used the same method for both. First, I hired the local wood rat to trim everything back (just kidding, she did it on her own.) I didn't have any mulch handy, so I used crumpled newspaper to give the surface of the soil an uneven cover, hopefully creating air pockets to keep the surface, roots, and stems from freezing.

I then covered the paper with soil to keep it in place. We get some pretty strong winds this time of year. If it works, great. I will have a head start on flowers next spring. If not, I can start all over again. The nursery always has lots of geraniums even in early spring. -- Margy


  1. Good thinking, Margy. Here's hoping it works!
    Meanwhile, all the best of the holiday season to you, your mom and Wayne, and also John and Bro if you see them!

  2. Thanks Kay - and happy holiday to you as well. Won't be at the cabin for the holidays, so I will send belated greetings to John and Bro. - Margy

  3. The geraniums looks so pretty in the BBQ, I hope they survive. If I don't get a signal for a couple of days, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love Fran xxx

  4. It might just work and I to love geraniums. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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