Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coastal BC Animals: Steller Sea Lions

Stellar Sea Lions

Each winter, Steller Sea Lions make the long trek from California to hang out in the nutrient rich waters of the Strait of Georgia. We may dream of heading south for warm sandy beaches, but not these guys.

From our condo, we can hear them barking in the early morning light.

When they aren't out foraging along the cement boat breakwater we call "The Hulks," they like to spend their days sunning on the mill pond rocks. -- Margy


  1. Oh, I love them, Margy. I had no idea you had them up there. How wonderful.
    Hi to Wayne and John and Bro,
    from Kay and Lindy, LOL

  2. They are beautiful, how lucky you are to have these magnificent creatures on your doorstep xxx


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