Monday, August 29, 2011

Clean Sucia Island

Boating in the Pacific Northwest has been a lot of fun. First there is the 2452 Bayliner we purchased last Spring for US boating. We keep it in Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham, handy for overnight stays and quick trips to the San Juan Islands.

There are lots of choices for cruising in the Pacific Northwest within easy reach of Bellingham. And I am amazed at how many marine parks are maintained by the state. Most have mooring balls in addition to places to anchor. Some even have docks for shore access and exploration if you don't have a dinghy like us. Last Friday our destination was Sucia Island Marine Park.

Sucia is north of Orcas Island and just below the Canadian border at the southern end of the Strait of Georgia. It is horseshoe shaped with six bays to choose from. For our first stay, we selected Echo Bay. It is the largest and busiest of the anchorages. All the mooring balls (fee based) were taken, so we opted to anchor and swing in the warm evening air.

The bay contained lots of boats, but it didn't feel crowded. Lots of people were heading to shore for thr wooded hiking trails, camping spots, and picnic tables. We put up our chairs on the back deck and enjoyed a picnic dinner with a great view of Mt. Baker.

I speak a bit of Spanish and wondered why they named such a beautiful place Sucia (dirty). It has no bearing on the lovely land, it's because of all the rocky reefs that were dangerous or "foul," another use of the word sucia. I can imagine old sailing ships not wanting to get anywhere near those outer shores.

Check out some of Washington State's marine parks. Here are some guides we use to help:

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  1. I would love to come to Sucia Islant to view Baker and maybe visit you on the boat. MB

  2. You sure get around. I'm content to hibernate in my forest! Thanks, Cheers from Cottage Country!
    P.S. Ottawa's downtwon market is having a HUGE issue with wasps. Vendors being stung, as well as visitors. Scary!

  3. Absolutely great photo of the boats at anchor with Mt. Baker in the background. Thanks for sharing!


  4. MB - You've got some wonderful shots up close recently. I really enjoyed those. We can see Baker from Bakerview Road, but only the tippy top.

    Jenn - I try to get out to refresh my mind and attitude. As you know, caring for an elder parent takes it toll if you don't.

    Will - Thanks for stopping by to comment. When I can't be in Powell River this is second best.



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