Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Colours of Summer

Until a week ago we thought we might not get a summer this year. But now we are having some really great weather with lots of sun without extreme heat like the east and south are experiencing.

Last year I repurposed a BBQ and made it into a planter. This year I planted some geraniums and they now make a bright, colourful spot under my kitchen window.

Out in front, we have several whirlygigs that spin in the cool afternoon breeze. One we call Buttless Bird. Actually, he's Buttless Bird II because he hasn't lost his tail feathers to stormy winds like his namesake.

And in the water you'll find a variety of painted floats and "toys" like our inflatable BC Ferry. Out in our natural swimming pool, you'll find a big blue whale gliding across the water's surface. I've tried go give him a ride, but he's trickier than a bucking bronco.

As you enter Hole in the Wall, you can tell our cabin from the rest. Whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring, our cabin has that warm, colourful lived-in look. -- Margy


  1. this is so cool!
    do you live here all year round?
    we were in Canada for our first white xmas last Dec/Jan and loved it

  2. My sons girlfriend is from Powell River and her family has one of these floting cabins on the lake.
    Last year they had to replace the logs that the cabin floats on. It's been in the Sylvester family for years. Apparently her grandfather built it way back when.


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