Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday Harbor Breakfast Run

The night at anchor was as calm as it gets. Traveling this time of year is perfect if you can find a good weather window. Summer in Fisherman's Bay would have been crowded with boats on buoys with little space to tuck in between. Dawn broke early so we got up to find a breakfast spot at Friday Harbor on nearby San Juan Island.

On the way out of Fisherman's Bay, we saw historic reef net fishing boats used by native peoples such as the Lummi Nation to catch salmon. Tall towers for lookouts make these boats quite unique.

Underwater nets camouflaged with artificial sea grass lead returning Sockeye to nets waiting to gather them together for harvesting. This method is still used today in a very eco-friendly way.

We were at Friday Harbor in about half an hour. We stopped for gas (you can never have too much gas) and to get directions for short term parking (free for up to four hours). Because it was very quiet we were allowed to dock right up front and walked up to a restaurant near the ferry lineup. After that we visited King's Market up the street to get something for a simple no-cook dinner.

Before we left, we went to look at a few boats for sale (you can never have too many boats). We walked about a mile to Shipyard Cove where we found a fellow Canadian in charge. He had lots of stories about boating and float planes in BC. Small world.

Tomorrow for Sky Watch Friday I'm sharing another picture from Anacortes. Come on back on Saturday for the end of our shakedown cruise. -- Margy

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  1. This is super, Margy. You can never have too many boats or too much gas for them. LOL
    I remember once, in the 80s, rushing to get the ferry to go to Friday Harbor, being stopped for speeding, getting a ticket, and missing the ferry.
    Love your photos. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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