Friday, July 09, 2010

The Watchful Sky

The head of Powell Lake was the scene of extensive logging in years past. In the heyday of MacMillan Bloedel, there was a large camp there to house loggers. When we visited last December, the old shops were still standing. When we arrived last week, everything was torn down and the ground bulldozed. The docks and log pens are still there, but for how much longer?

One lone logging truck remained, a last testament to times gone by.

A hike up the logging road towards the old camp was a sad reminder that times change.

But the waters of the Daniels River flow on, filling Powell Lake as they have since the last ice age. I guess some things don't have to change. That's a good thing. -- Margy


  1. I love that photo of the lone red truck. There is so much nostalgia for me in reading this post. I've even been to that spot in person, although it was a little busier at the time!

    Thanks for this post, Margy!!

  2. Marion - to me it seem sad to see all the old logging sites shutting down. They are logging, but not like they used to from camps. Now they take fast boats up and down the lake every day. I am sure the loggers like getting home better though. - Margy


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