Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bert's Babies

Last May, I shared how Wayne and I were giving our Barn Swallows a helping hand with their nest building. Older nests have fallen twice, so we gave them a little shelf up under the eves to use as a support.

In June, I shared about how the returning pair immediately set up housekeeping and started a new nest. Last week we saw the heads of two babies. Both Mom and Dad bring tasty bugs back to their fast growing chicks.

We call daddy Bert. He's a slim dude. When he isn't eating and gathering bugs for his babies, he sits nearby and seranades his lovely lady on the nest. I have read that pairs mate for life. I like the thought of Bert and his Lady coming back each year to share their babies with us.

Do you have nesting birds that you like to watch? For us, they provide hours of enjoyment. -- Margy


  1. Hi Margy, how cute that Bert and his mate came back. They knew a good thing when they saw it. We have two nests in our grape arbor. We can watch them from the table underneath the arbor. When we prune in the winter, the nests will come down. But there seems to be at least one new one each spring.

  2. Our swallow family is still here with both parents tirelessly flying and feeding the babies. They hatched just before the 4th so we expect them to be flying away any day now. We have enjoyed them so much and will miss them. They are such calm and relaxed birds.

  3. Thanks Lorie and 2 Tramps for commenting. I am amazed at the love between the mates and all the care they give to their young. It's quite a lesson for all of us I guess. - Margy

  4. He is darling! You did great with your helping hand/perch.

  5. PS - lots of swallow nests at the Mono Lake visitors center - didn't get very good photos of them last year. Pete (my husband) wants to check out the Lee Vining airport and another one further north. So I'll be getting more shots in.


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