Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mom and Stick Head Up the Lake

Mom and "her cat" Stick Tail have been coming to visit us in Powell River for the last four years. We all pile into Mom's car, lovingly called Bertha, and take the short (about 240 kilometres) but long (two ferris and 7 hours) trip. Riding in a car isn't Stick's favourite thing (you can hear his protests from quite a distance), but he finally relaxes on the back seat, sleeping most of the way.

The highlight of the trip north is visiting the float cabin. Stick has to stay in his carrier for the boat ride up the lake, but gets lots of comfort on Mom's lap. Once at the cabin, he settles right in. The beauty of the float cabin is that it is surrounded by water. Back in Bellingham, Stick has to stay indoors all of the time because Mom has an apartment style condo. But at the float cabin, he's able to have the run of the place.

For Stick, the cabin is like a giant cat climbing apparatus. He loves the stairs (the first he has ever known) and gets a kick out of running up and getting a "birds-eye" view from the loft. At first, he was very cautious outdoors, but now he is comfortable in his vacation home. He even explores underneath the float (that's where the mousies live). One trip he did give us quite a scare. He hopped the floating logs to shore and started climbing our cliff. But a few good warning shots with rocks brought him scurrying for home.

I'm always amazed at how quick Stick Tail adjusts to new environments. After only a few hours inside the cabin, he is allowed undisturbed exploration. Usually after one day he has a favorite sleeping place. And the litter box has always been found without any "accidents." A friend warned me that cats don't adjust to new places very well, but Stick has done exceptionally well between his three homes: a condo in Bellingham, a condo in Powell River, and a float cabin up the lake.

Our cabin on Powell Lake is a very special place for all of us. It even inspired my husband Wayne to write the Coastal BC Stories series. You too can head Up the Lake and Farther Up the Lake through his books.

We'll all be lounging in the sun and swimming in the lake (well, maybe not Stick unless he falls in) for a few glorious days, so you won't be seeing any blog posts for a while.

What are you doing this summer (or winter as it may be for my readers south of the equator)? No matter which season, I hope you have a great week. -- Margy


  1. What a wonderful cat, he obviously feels quite at home in your floating cabin. It must be like being on a cat holiday for him! Have a good week with your mum xx

  2. It sounds idyllic for all of you, cat included. Have a great week with your mum, I hope the weather is good for you all

  3. Hello, Margy! Stopping by to send a kiss! Your mom looks so adorable and active! I hope to be this healthy when I reach her age!

    And Stick is a cute! I love cats, you know.. And how lucky that he adjusts well in new places! I had such a bad time when we moved to Minas with our cat Baruck, poor little thing, he suffered! But Stick seems to be smarter and calmer, what a gorgeous fur he has.

    I hope you enjoy your with mom time and relax a lot! Down here in Brazil, the weather is still cold in the winter, but soon it will be better. I'm enjoying Lucas July vacations pampering him alright, lol!

    Kisses and love from us.

  4. This all sounds so inviting and wonderful! Stick tail is amazing!

  5. Stick and grandma are adorable. He sounds like a great cat. What a treat for him, being so well traveled. Sounds like the making of a great children's story...The Travels of Stick the Cat.

    You summer sounds delightful. Enjoy!

  6. We tried to bring our two cats up to the cabin but getting them into the kennel is almost impossible. I wish my cats were like Stick Tail, easy peasy. On one trip to the cabin I was shocked to see that someone was just holding their cat as they got into their boat...and the cat was very happy to be protests of any sort. I was very envious.
    We are closing the diner for the long weekend and heading "up the lake" with our son and his family. I can hardly wait.


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