Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cabin Cooking: Cast Iron Legacy

I've already introduced you to my good friend Betty from Bellingham, better known in the blogging world as Mud Creek Mama. We met through my blog and posts on MySpace several years ago. Since then, we've met regularly for coffee and shopping in the Old Fairhaven district of Bellingham. It has been great fun meeting one of my blogging buddies.

The last time we got together, Betty had a surprise for me. Several of my posts have been about cast iron cooking. And she brought me an extra griddle from her collection. What a wonderful thing for a friend to do. You could tell it was well seasoned from good use over the years. I love it! I couldn't wait to get it up to the cabin to try out.

The first thing I cooked were blackberry pancakes for Wayne using my home canned berries from last year. Wayne said they were the best I've ever made. And I know the secret ingredient. It was all the love from a friend indeed.

Thanks Betty for such a special present. I will treasure it always and make some great meals with it. -- Margy


  1. Great gift. I collect those cast irons too and use all the time. I don't have a iron griddle to make those wonderful blueberry pancakes, yum.

    I need to read about your cast iron, I got a Dutchoven , the kind w/ legs and put coals on top of lid . Its new and needs seasoned. Some told me to just toss in the firepit, others use oven. I've been fortunate to get my collection already seasoned :).

    I'm heading over and ck you post on your harvest and find the cast iron post

    Breakfast looks mighty fine,I can almost smell it cook'n way down here in the woods of Missouri. Wind must be blow'n just right : ) I know you'll enjoy.

    tc linda

  2. LOL I meant Blackberries, but blueberries are sure good too.

    Were waiting tell we can harvest the wild blackberries here in the woods. Then I'm making blackberry pancakes!

    tc linda

  3. That is so cool. I am so glad that you like it and your pancakes look wonderful.
    Hugs ♥♥♥

    P.S. Tell Wayne that his unbook is great.

  4. What a lovely post. I cam across your blog through Down To Earth. Your cabin on the lake just looks wonderful. It is so inspiring to see people like yourselves out there living with nature and soaking up her beauty.

    We have just left the fast life of Dubai and moved to a village in Cyprus, in search of the simple life and your blog is giving me ideas for our veggie patch. Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy the journey.

  5. Betty - you are such a good friend. Thanks so much.

    Linda - I have only bought the kind of cast iron that needs seasoning. The first time I used my oven in the condo and it did stink quite a bit. The second time I used our BBQ. I think that was better.

    Hi Hay Bale - cute name. I stopped by your blog. You have a very unique life. Thanks for stopping by.



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