Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Welcome Aboard

Last night we took the Bayliner out for her first cruise of the season to our favourite anchorage in Theodosia Inlet. This year we got a short-term slip in the North Harbour. That's going to be much easier for us since it's within eyeshot of our condo. I thought you might like to take a tour of boat. Her name is Halycon Days which means happy, joyous, peaceful.

Halcyon Days packs a lot into her 23.5 feet. Up front is a bed big enough for Wayne's long legs. Shelves and plastic bins hold our clothes and personal items. Under the bed is our fresh water tank and bins for stuff you don't need very often. There's a hatch for fresh air and with mosquito netting. You'd be surprised how many mosquitoes there are in anchorages. Tucked under the bed is the outboard motor for our dinghy and a BBQ. Just aft of the bed is a storage area and the captain's chair.

Further aft is a small galley (cupboards, sink, ice box and alcohol stove). Wayne and I don't cook much when we go boating. A box of Chubby Chicken from A&W makes a good first meal and there are lots of places to stop along the way for provisions. Our boating excursions follow the KISS principle as much as possible.

Behind the galley is a head. Don't leave home without one. A holding tank makes it good for the environment as well. Opposite from the galley is a table with two bench seats. It can be converted into a small bed, but we use it mostly for holding "stuff" that we use more often.

The space we use most often is our aft deck. There's enough room for two chairs and a little table. We cook here on our BBQ or a small butane burner (easier than inside). We eat, read, fish and just relax here. If it gets hot, we pop up our umbrellas. It may look silly, but it's perfect for a summer day. Our dinghy (Mr. Bathtub) rests here on the swim grid when not in use.

Up top is the command bridge. This is where we prefer to drive the boat. It gives you a commanding view for both cruising and docking. Plus, it's the perfect spot for a sun bath in private anchorages.

So, welcome aboard. Come cruise with us in Up the Strait and we will take you through the Strait of Georgia and Desolation Sound to islands, bays and inlets where the mountains drop into the sea, and the people have a different sense of purpose. -- Margy


  1. I enjoyed your tour Margy, what fun, Havn't got to some of the links yet still enjoying the pictures of your boat. What a great life.

    Thanks for sharing your home, boat and information of your area. Sure makes one want to pack bags and give those places a visit.

    tc linda

  2. Hi Linda - Glad you are having fun reading my posts. Come on up and see how we do it Canadian style. - Margy


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