Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Repurposed Watering Bottle

Yesterday you read about how I repurposed a BBQ to become a planter for my cabin porch. Last year I wrote about about repurposing other items in Use It, Don't Lose It. I told about how I used a plastic pancake syrup bottle as a "watering can" for my sprouting seeds. It works really well because you can really control the amount of water by how hard you squeeze.

But after I made my planter so spiffy, I thought my watering can needed a facelift. I have acrylic paints at the cabin for craft projects, so I used some to paint a new "face" on the bottle. First came a white base coat over the old labels, then a picture on the front. To keep it from getting damaged out in the weather, I sprayed it with several coats of clear polyurethane. Now it is a useful and decorative part of my new planter. -- Margy


  1. Very good idea Margy.
    Hugs ♥

  2. Non aerosol spray bottles work well too -great idea

  3. Great idea ! I wash up my empty bottles like this and then after they are dry I fill them with cooking oil. Great for giving the cast iron skillet a few drops of oil when cooking corn tortillas !


  4. Thanks for the tips Susan and Joan. Reusing the small bottles lets you buy in bulk and save packaging as well. - Margy


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