Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bunny's Back

In Spring 2003 when my floating garden was new, Wayne got me a garden mascot - an Easter Bunny. Since then, Bunny has faithfully guarded my flowers and veggies, and brightened my garden in all seasons. By 2008, he lost most of his colour. The sun can be pretty harsh you know. Then, this last winter during a windy storm, he cracked into several pieces. But Wayne and I didn't want to give up on Bunny. Together we brought him back to life.

Wayne found a cedar shingle in our wood pile. He outlined Bunny and used his new jigsaw to cut out the pattern. Then he used waterproof glue to piece Bunny back together on his new wood backing. You can see how cracked and faded he was.

Next I used acrylic paints to give Bunny back his colourful countenance. His "backside" is plain white with a puffy cotton tail. His front used the same outlines as before and I just coloured by the numbers so to speak.

When Bunny was restored front and back, I sealed him with four coats of clear polyurethane. Since he will be standing in the garden fall, winter, spring and summer, I felt he needed a "heavy coat." That will make Bunny ready for anything the weather can dish out.

Welcome back Bunny! We've missed your smiling face and faithful service. May you stand guard over my garden for many years to come. -- Margy


  1. So sweet..I love garden art.

  2. Nice he is back watching over the garden

  3. Oh, Margy...he's simply wonderful! I'm so glad you resurrected him...he'll do a great job watching over your garden!!

  4. haha. That's cute!


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