Monday, May 31, 2010

Waterfall Time

Spring is waterfall time up Powell Lake in Coastal BC.

Spring rains combined with warm weather and snow melt cause creeks and streams to flow. They result in beautiful waterfalls, especially towards the steeper cliffs and higher peaks at the head of the lake.

But even down our way we get our share of water displays. This lovely falls is in the Rainbow area, about fifteen minutes north of our cabin.

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  1. Sure like those photos, Margy! There seems to be an abundance of waterfalls in that area of the BC coast. One of my favorites is the falls coming out of Cassel Lake in Teakerne Arm (W. Redonda Island), about 25 miles north of Powell River. (Cassel Lake is a great place to swim in the summer, too.)

    I have to say, Margy, the more of your photos I see, the more of a hurry I am to get back to the area. In the meantime, I'll just have to re-read Wayne's books, Up the Lake, or Up the Strait, or write some more of the sequel to my book, Sons and Brothers in Seattle.


  2. Hi Wil - you are right, the falls in Teakerne Arm are really nice. Big and wide as I recall. The steam donkey along the trail to the lake was really interesting as well. - Margy


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