Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frozen Peas

Well, that's what they looked like to me. On our quad ride to Tony Lake last Saturday I found some very interesting snow, ice or frost formations while I was walking in the forest.

There were lots of little piles of round, peas-shaped ice. I thought maybe it was snow that melted and refroze, or maybe some type of hoar frost.

I tried a Google search and didn't come up with any answers. Do you know what this is called and how it is formed? I'd be very interested in getting some additional information. - Margy


  1. It looks like large hail. Usually that thaws quickly, but if the ground is close to freezing, it can last a while.

  2. I just saw hail photos from Mashhad Iran that looked just like that...so I think Susannah is right. So pretty, little crystals in the forest.

  3. I found them along a trail under a tall canopy of fir and cedar. There were lots of little piles on the trail and along the side. It hadn't rained for about two days and was a fairly warm day (about 12C), probably a bit colder in the shade. We did have hail at our cabin with the last storm, so maybe it was heavy enough to last that long in the shade. - Margy

  4. Maybe coarse salt? haha...

  5. Funny Margaret, but it does look a little like that. - Margy


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