Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Heading Up the Lake

Wayne and I are heading up the lake. The forecast is for partial sun, so I'm going to use the opportunity to work in my floating garden.

It's my traditional time to plant seeds in the ground. There is little chance of a frost from here on. If I get things going now I'll be able to start harvesting lettuce and spinach in June.

The soil is all ready to go with peat and manure worked in. I have all my seeds, seed potatoes and onion sets. All I need is some quality time with my soil to get it done.

We'll be up the lake for several days so there'll be no posts for a few days. In the meantime, do you want to know more about float cabin living? Take a look at Wayne's books Up the Lake or Farther Up the Lake. Got a Kindle? Get Up the Lake for only 99 cents (higher in Canada, as usual!). -- Margy

p.s. Wednesday Friends Day will resume next week. Be sure to stop by to discover who it will be.


  1. Mama goose and papa goose swam by our cabin Saturday afternoon with 4 little ones in tow. Maybe they were looking for desert after a light lunch at your place???

  2. I hope you find a wonderful supply of yummy fresh vegies specially that sensational vegetable the asparagus, my personal favourite.
    Also hope Mrs Woodpecker has nested in your eaves.

  3. Interesting blog you have here. Love your Skywatch Friday post...have fun on Powell Lake. My hubby just got back from an adventure in the Butte Inlet. I think that's somewhere near where you are?? I love BC!

  4. What a great life... a float house AND garden.. a 93 yr. old rocking on the front porch... water, water everywhere... buzz in buzz out and of course the sucker holes for the intrepid only. Water is a part of our lives here, boating, fly fishing etc., we could not do without it, but we're not waterfront. Our saying goes, " if you're lucky enough to have waterfront, you're lucky enough!".

  5. have a wonderful trip!! i feel relaxed just looking at your cabin!!! i smell the salt air and freshness!

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Your "smoke & mirrors" work for me.

    I guess cats are like people: some are easy with transitions and some are not!

  7. I love reading your posts. Have a wonderful time back on the river, and I'll be waiting to hear of your next adventure.

  8. After seeing the cabin and the photo of the builder, I was interested in learning more about life on the lake. Thanks for mentioning the Kindle price. I just ordered it. The first edition of Up the Lake was listed at $7.99, but the updated edition at .99. Go figure. . . :-)

  9. Thanks everyone for stopping by. In answer to Kim's question. The more expensive Kindle version was posted at Amazon by our first publisher. The Second Edition (edited with better photos) was formatted by Wayne and is on sale right now at an introductory price. Let us know what you think. - Margy

  10. You have a lovely place in which to recuperate! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Will be thinking of you up there with all the wonderful water and beautiful scenery as I sit here trying to "bloom where I am planted" in the high desert!

    Have you ever thought of growing some of your garden hydroponically while floating it on the lake?


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