Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mount Baker Highway Road Trip

Yesterday was my mom's 94th birthday, so we all bundled up and went on a road trip up the Mount Baker Highway.

Mom rode shotgun and our good friend Jeanne drove. We started at the junction of I-5 and Sunset Drive then headed east. In a few miles we left busy Bellingham behind and entered lush green fields dotted with farmhouses. Along the way there were lots of Christmas tree farms and u-pick berry fields. We'll have to come back this summer for sure. At about the 25 mile mark we entered the small village of Maple Falls.

We pulled into the Frosty Inn. It was just what we were looking for. Inside were two locals drinking coffee and talking about "the old days" and a cheery fire was burning in the dining room. Just the place to get a leisurely late breakfast fit for hungry travelers. The friendly waitress took our order and made us feel right at home. If you are headed up to Mt. Baker for skiing or sightseeing, I highly recommend stopping at the Frosty Inn for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It also appears to be a night spot, too.

After a hearty breakfast we continued up the road towards the ski area. In Glacier, there were several ski and snowboard rental shops, more restaurants and a few places for lodging. Just before the road started the final climb to the Mount Baker Ski Area we decided to turn around. The snow along the side of the road was building up and we didn't have chains with us today.

We reversed course and followed the Nooksack River back down to the coastal plain. It was a gorgeous day for a drive in the mountains. Puffy white clouds stood out against the clear blue sky. Before we returned to town we stopped briefly at the Deming Homestead Eagle Park. It's a great place to view Bald Eagles in winter months, but today the robins were heralding spring instead.

To plan our trip, we used an excellent guidebook, the Insiders' Guide to Bellingham and Mount Baker by Mike McQuaid. He is a Bellingham local that really knows the area. It is available at by clicking here. If you are coming to Bellingham it's a must.

It was a fun way for all of us to celebrate Mom's big day with good food, good company and great views. Glad you could come along for the ride with us. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Hey Margy, nice write up on Mt. Baker.Too bad the beer shrine was closed, fun place.

    You asked for good restaurants in Bellingham. As you have a condo here I am sure you have visited the ones in Fairhaven. My favorites are Skylarks, Dirt Dans, Big Fat Fish Company. I also like Nimbus donwtown at the top of the Towers building.


  2. Thanks Jack for the restaurant suggestions. I just tried Skylark's for lunch and it was very good. I will try some of the others. Dirty Dan's sounds like my kind of place. We won't give up on the Beer Shrine. I always love a good brew. -- Margy

  3. Thanks for the ride, Margy, what a fun day for everybody! nd a happy birthday to your sweet mom, I wish her all the beauty and love in the world.

    Kisses from Nydia.

  4. What a great way to celebrate!!! happy birthday to your active mom.
    My mom had her 80th last Wednesday, and we went to Pachanga to gamble. Not my idea of fun, but we had a lovely day together...the casino was not smokey at all which is what worried me. Maybe next year I'll offer a trip to Big Bear in a cozy cabin.


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