Saturday, August 08, 2009

Up! Up! and Away

Wayne and I've been visiting Mom in Bellingham, so the first leg of our Canadian adventure started at Bellingham International Airport. That's where we caught the Quick Shuttle which provides international bus service between greater Vancouver (including to the departure gate Vancouver International Airport) and Seattle, Washington. See my May 2009 post if you would like more information.

We packed all of our camping gear (tent, sleeping bags, air mattress, collapsible ice chests) in two 28" duffel bags we found at WalMart for only $17.00. They are sturdy with lots of pockets for smaller items. Our two older 24" duffel bags carry our pillows (Pikachu Pikachu), clothes, guide books and such. West Jet allows two free checked bags per person with a maximum weight of 23 kgs (50 lbs) and dimensions of 157 cm (62 in). We don't have much space for souvenirs, but that's OK.

We've flown in and out of Vancouver many times, but have never been in the Domestic Terminal. Today's trip to Montreal was our first. We chose to fly on West Jet because of price, and so far all has gone well. The check-in lines weren't too long, the agents courteous and the planes spiffy looking (now that's an precise aeronautical term). We chose to fly to Montreal because it was the furthest direct flight for a relatively reasonable price.

We depart at 4:15 and should arrive at 11:56 p.m. Montreal time. Because it's so late, we'll stay tonight at the Montreal Airport Courtyard. Then, in the morning we will rent a car and begin our camping adventure to Newfoundland. I can't wait!! - Margy

FREE HOTSPOT WATCH: Quick Shuttle Coach (slow) and YVR Domestic Terminal (excellent bandwidth).


  1. Lucky you flying West Jet, I hear they sometimes sing or rap the on board announcements! The only way we get a decent price from Air Canada is when you buy a connecting flight I haven't had a chance to fly West Jet yet. It costs more to get off the island than it does to fly YVR to Toronto/Ottawa or Montreal. Anyway have an absolutely wonderful trip!

  2. Westjet is a lot of fun, very happy workers make for a very happy trip!

    Have fun! Can't wait to read more of your great Canadian Adventure.

  3. Yes, West Jet was great. The price sure made it a good choice. Of course, if you want something to eat or a pillow, they cost extra, but that's OK if it keeps the fares down. The flight was about 4.5 hours, not bad, but I sure had the "wiggles" by the time we landed. It's hard for me to sit that long. We also got a good deal on our Budget car rental through West Jet. - Margy


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