Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Available Online: "Echo of a Distant Planet" by Wayne Lutz

by Wayne J. Lutz
How would a distant intelligence contact earth? Shawna is an Air Force officer with remembrances of the future. Trapped in a structured military world, her unearthly memories persist for nearly three decades, culminating in a message from the stars. Meanwhile, on a distant planet, alien life is struggling to communicate with life on earth. Shawna is their target. The author of six books in the series Coastal BC Stories ventures into an exciting new genre, military aviation science fiction, where the C-130 Hercules is the biggest hero. Click here for a look inside.

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  1. When-When-When!!!!
    I am looking forward to that one.
    Morning Doves are rare here so I do think it is lost. I want to get a real picture of her. Maybe it won't rain today.

  2. Sounds exciting..good luck with the new book.


  3. This sounds very interesting. Also, aviation related stories are the only ones I can get my son interested in so this will be great for him.

  4. Check out the new lower prices at "Echo of a Distant Planet" in paperback is only $9.95 and the Kindle edition is on sale for only $4.79.


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