Saturday, June 27, 2009

Showing Off Their Broods

I haven't been lucky enough to see any geese and goslings around our cabin in Hole in the Wall yet, but down at the Shinglemill Marina they are out in full force. A little over a week ago while having a brew and appies on the outside deck at the Shinglemill Pub, Mr. Hat and I saw two families paddle by.

The Canada Goose makes its nest near the water's edge. Pairs are known to stay together for life. Mating occurs in the spring on the water. A clutch of 2-8 eggs hatch in about a month and the chicks grow to sufficient size in 6-7 weeks to begin flying. By late summer, it is hard to distinguish the kids from their parents, except for the order of the procession on land or in the water.

During summer, the Canada Goose goes through molting. The flight feathers that are worn out from long migratory trips are shed leaving the birds unable to fly for up to 8-10 weeks. During this flightless period they prefer areas near lakes or ponds for security from predators. When geese gather in large numbers during the molting season it can be very damaging to local vegetation, not to mention messy. Fortunately, in the Hole we usually only get one nesting pair. We enjoy their presence and look forward to Mom and Dad showing off the kids as they grow. Hope that's soon!

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And there is a great movie about Canada Geese called Fly Away Home. It's about a thirteen year-old girl who raises and teaches a brood of orphaned Canada Geese to migrate using her father's ultralight airplane. A must see!! -- Margy


  1. Hi Margy, A nice post about our namesake foul. All to often they get a bad rap these days but as for all nature's creatures they are quite remarkable.
    First I know Bill Lishman quite well. When I lived in Whitby, Ontario(just east of Toronto) I would drive north to get out of town and his place was on the town limit boundry. He was somewhat eclectic and did some beautiful art with a torch and steel. His show stopper was an exact replica of the Lunar Lander. I watched some of the filming of the movie and often saw the ultra light and flock in are right it is a must see!

  2. Cute photos! And I loved that movie too!

  3. How neat Carolyn. You've had some really great life experiences.

    Thanks for taking the time away from your new puppy Scout to stop by Shelley!


  4. We saw several geese and their chicks swim by our cabin and walk up on shore just where we would enter our water lot. We tried to feed them but an easy meal was not enough to entice them but with babies the parents are on high alert. They were so very cute.


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