Wednesday, June 10, 2009

John and Mr. Hat Come to Powell River

We don't have many visitors to our float cabin on Powell Lake, but Wayne's friend John is an exception. John taught with Wayne at Mt. San Antonio College and they both supported the Flying Team. John stopped by two years ago on the way back from Alaska in his Cessna 172 4GM.

Last week John returned. He was on his way to Alaska again, and this time he had a friend with him, Dave. Dave is an important person at The Hat restaurant. That's how I nicknamed him Mr. Hat.

John got to ride my quad, and along with Wayne came up to the cabin via logging roads through Theodosia. While they were doing that, Mr. Hat and I went up the lake to enjoy the warm afternoon sun. That evening we chowed down on pastrami dips, the signature sandwich at The Hat. Dave had brought all of the fixin's in the plane. What a tasty and wonderful surprise.

The next day the weather was fine, so they took off on the next leg of their flight to Alaska. Because we were in the midst of an extended high pressure system, they got to follow the coast north. What an adventure for two great guys.

Fly high and fly safe! - Margy


  1. Looks like you had a nice visit with your friends!

  2. Oh, 1st I gotta tell you this - I went to my high school teachers retirement in Alhambra two weeks ago and for the 1st time ever noticed The Hat!!! I wanted to take a picture of it but I was driving and didn't have a chance. And here he is - Mr. Hat himself. I'm stopping by next time for a pastrami sndwch. What a treat to have visitors esp those that bring good food. Your video is so well done - good tracking of the plane - did you use a tripod?

  3. Hi Tash - If you want to meet my "My Hat" try the Temple City restaurant. He is quite a funny guy and makes a mean pastrami for sure. For the video I just used my little Canon PowerShot. It does pretty good for short clips, even being hand held. It does have a stabilization feature. - Margy


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