Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Divers of Aca-Powell-co

Just a little play on words. Boys will be boys, whether in Acapulco, Mexico, or up the lake, Powell Lake that is.

We have been at our floating cabin for a week and really enjoying the warm weather. Over the weekend, a boat load of young men stopped by to borrow the wall for some high dives.

They had to hike up from the back side, but were really gutsy and leaped from about 10 metres (30 feet) high or more. They sure made a loud splash when they hit the deep water at the bottom. Three of them had so much fun, they went back up for a second round. I think I'll stick to diving off my cabin deck. That's high enough for me. -- Margy


  1. That's too high for me too! I'll just enjoy your photos....

  2. Great captures Margy! I do remember doing something silly like that many, many years ago! I am painting a house up the hill in Queen Charlotte and on these beautiful warm sunny days we have been indulging in I can hear the kids screaming as they jump off the Government Dock at the bottom of the hill...they sound like they are enjoying themselves and I haven't heard any sirens! Thanks for sharing.

  3. omg...daring ones weren't they.
    great captures!
    have a lovely afternoon.

  4. Oooh Noooo. That is scary.Great picture. The weather has been great. My potatos in a tub are growing so fast I have covered then twice.
    ~~Hugs Betty~~

  5. No way, no how could I, would I jump from that high. I am really scared of hights, always have been.
    What a sight to see.
    Like you I'll jump off our deck.


  6. I always walk down the steps into the pool and never go past waist deep.
    There is a cliff at a lake near me where kids have died jumping into the lake.

  7. I got my visa for China today, just over a month now to the eclipse. The longest of the century, 5 mins 30 secs of totality where I am going.

  8. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Great photographs, thanks for sharing these.

  9. Wild. Great captures.
    I'm with you - best diving is from a foot or so above the water.

  10. Thanks to everyone for the visit. We know how dangerous cliff diving can be. One of the students on our Flying Team jumped off a cliff at Lake Havasu. He had to be flown out from a remote dirt strip by his team makes and spent some time in traction due to a cracked vertebrae. Unfortunately, young people will take big chances. They think they are invincible. - Margy


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