Saturday, May 02, 2009

Spring Garden Harvest

My tradition is plant my annual vegetable garden during Easter week. This year we were at the cabin for the whole month, so I spread it out a little more than usual. Even though we had cool weather for the start of spring, the recent warm spell has everything starting to sprout. For the first time in several years, all of my seeds came up with no problems. I was even able to do some thinning already.

One thing I love about my spring garden is my flowers. The most predominant ones are the daffodils. When everything else is still underground, they are bright and sunny.

In May, we to be back to the States for a short time. Our asparagus was just starting to come up and I didn't want it to go to fern while we were gone. So I got out my trusty knife and cut them all off just below the soil line.

While some of them were a bit small, a few were approaching grocery store size. They made a great side dish to go with our steaks the last night at the cabin. A fitting end to a great stay, but we'll be back soon! -- Margy


  1. Most unusual gardening you do, it appears to be out on the lake in planters! These look great and seem to be growing well.
    I just love asparagus, its my very favourite veggie, we always used to grow masses of it, but we have just moved to a new home so will have to start buying the spears.

  2. Those are some nice healthy spears, too. Good work!

  3. I love your garden! Neighbours had a few flowers on their house deck when I was a kid, and so do houseboaters along the river here, but no-one that I know of seriously "farms" on the water. Bravo!

  4. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Love to see your floating gardens, fascinating. I hope we get to see more through the summer.

  5. Thanks for visiting my garden. I'm going to be away for two weeks, so I am excited to see all of the changes when I get back. I just hope they are all for the good! - Margy

  6. Those spears look wonderful and what a great farewell dinner but be glad you were not on the lake last night, the winds were strong and the rain was coming down sideways.

  7. I came across a site that you might fond of use for gardening, and for others as well. Have a peek, you might like it! It'll allow more to be grown in a small space.


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