Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coastal BC Insects: Pale Tiger Swallowtail

On Monday, I went out to see how my potatoes in a barrel were doing. I buried the green sprouts a week ago and wanted to see how many had resurfaced. Right there is the barrel was the most beautiful butterfly.

It was a Pale Tiger Swallowtail. Hopefully it wasn't laying eggs so that its large green larva could devour my potato plants. I'll have to keep an eye out for that, but it's young are supposed to like the foliage of woody plants.

I have lots of books and guides about nature up at the cabin. One I really like for insects is Insects of the Pacific Northwest by Peter and Judy Haggard. The photographs make identifications much easier than illustrations. A good reference website is BugGuide.Net. It includes "insects, spiders and their kin" from the US and Canada. There's even an active forum where you can connect with other bug lovers or get assistance with a tricky identification. -- Margy


  1. YOur Swallowtail is gorgeous!
    I also posted a Tiger Swallowtail, mine is a female in her black form. Of all the butterflies she is my favorite. I have never seen a pale Tiger...Fantastic. Thank you for the bug links..I am a bug lover.

  2. Margy, this is a beautiful butterfly. You are so lucky to have seen it. Thank you for the link and have a great day.

  3. Hi!
    Beautiful Butterfly!! I have never seen any of those around here. Have a great day!!


  4. A most beautiful I'm yet to see.

  5. Anonymous12:11 PM

    A beautiful butterfly, we does'nt have such ones here. Very interesting post.

  6. That is a beautiful butterfly and hopefully your potatoes will be fine.

  7. what a find! & perfect timing for today's post. I like the fearsome looking tail on this one.

  8. I love the butterfly.. I love potatoes too, but I still think I'd leave the butterfly in peace! LOL!

    I'm well known for being into insects ... that book looks like one I would enjoy.

  9. Love your butterfly I have never seen one like that. I too have potatoes in a barrel. I hope both of us have a bumper crop.


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