Saturday, May 09, 2009

Flying to Newport, Oregon

Wayne and I took advantage of two nice spring days to fly our airplane 997. She's been getting too much hanger time and was rearing to go.

The weather was warm, so headed to one of our favourite camping spots, Siletz Bay, Oregon. The Airport is about two hours south of Bellingham, just enough time to get our rusty flying skills back in shape. After a wonderful dinner at the Side Door Cafe, we crawled into our tent for a good night's sleep to the sound of surf breaking on the nearby shore.

We got up and wanted to go somewhere for breakfast. We called Astoria, but the Runway Cafe is no longer open. These are tough times for general aviation, and airport restaurants are closing left and right. As we were packing, a local stopped by and suggested Newport, Oregon.

Newport Municipal Airport (ONP) is on the Oregon coast. If you are flying Victor 27, you pass right over it. The 5398' main runway is lighted with several instrument approaches. The FBO has a nice new building, it's a busy Fedex regional hub, and has commuter service to Portland by SeaPort Airline using the super cool Pilatus turboprop.

When we arrived, Jimmy, the "Boss" of FBO Line Services was there to greet us. He helped us get started with fueling at the self-serve pump, pointed out a handy parking spot, and arranged for us to take one of the FBO's courtesy cars.

And not just any courtesy car, an ex-police cruiser (a Crown Vic no less!). We drove over the bridge into the City of Newport for, by this time, lunch. Jimmy recommended Georgie's Beachside Grill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a great choice. I had the razor clams, one of my all time favourite meals, and Wayne had an oyster club sandwich. YUM! But way more than we could eat, even as hungry as we were. On the way back to the airport, a scruffy looking guy gave us a simulated pistol shot with his finger. Was it my antennae that gave me away?

You can be sure Wayne, 997 and I will be returning to Newport again. Next time we plan to stay the night and enjoy the beach, sun and some more great meals! Hey Jimmy, keep the Crown Vic warmed up for us. See you soon! -- Margy


  1. How wonderful you have a plane - must give you such freedom and a sense of adventure! Glad you had a nice trip in!

  2. We were in that area, too, all last week at the Inn at Otter Crest in Otter Rock. Our family has had a place there for over 20 years. We love to visit the Sea Hag in Depoe Bay - Gracie Strom started it many years ago and sold it recently. You can read all about her adventures in her new book "Amazing Gracie and the Sea Hag". She was there dining when we stopped by and we had a great visit with her. Many folks have visited the Sea Hag through the years to hear her play the bottles in the bar - she is famous for it!


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