Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BC Ferries to Powell River, BC

Our trip to Powell River today was by car and the BC Ferries system. Powell River retains much of its remote charm because it takes two ferry rides to get there.

We take The Guide (Guide-Meridian) north from I-5 in Bellingham and enter Canada at the Aldergrove Border Crossing. Continuing north on 264th Street (Highway 13) to Canada Highway 1, we bypass downtown Vancouver, and follow the signs to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal.

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Horseshoe Bay in north of Vancouver at the entrance to Howe Sound. On this ferry you can see the lofty peaks of the Coast Mountain Range that were the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

After landing at the Langdale Ferry Terminal near Gibsons, BC, we take Highway 101 north along the Sunshine Coast. This is a beautiful drive through lush forests with glimpses of the Strait of Georgia along the way. The 84 km (52 mi) drive takes about an hour and a half. The two lane road is good but has lots of winding curves as you near the Earl's Cove Ferry Terminal.

The second ferry takes us around Nelson Island to the Saltery Bay Ferry Terminal. As the name implies, there used to be a fish salting plant here in the early Twentieth Century. A short 34 km (22 mi) drive brings us home to Powell River, BC.

Here are some sites for additional information.

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I invite you to come see my home town, Powell River. -- Margy


  1. Nice post. I like the clouds over the mountains in the second-to-last one.

  2. what an interesting post and so enjoyed my ferry boat ride to powell river. i just love the western coastline of canada...so very beautiful.
    have a good week.

  3. Loved seeing those mountains in the background - beautiful!

  4. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Ferries are fun, aren't they? Especially when you ride them by choice and not by daily necessity.


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