Friday, March 28, 2008

Coastal BC Animals: Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats

During winter, snow in the high country drives mountain goats to lower slopes for food and comfort. On a recent boat trip to the head of Powell Lake, we saw fourteen grazing and frolicking on rocky patches closer to lake level. Usually it takes binoculars to find goats, but this time they were visible to the naked eye.

Mountain goats
show up as yellowish-white dots against the dark granite outcrops. They are most evident when they leap from rock to rock, seeming to defy gravity. Two toes on each of their cloven hooves spread wide to give them greater stability and gripping power on rocky surfaces.

Down below in our Bayliner, we are spellbound. Each time we pass a likely cliff we slow to see if we could find some more goats. And each time we are rewarded with several excellent specimens. I wonder if they watch us from their lofty perches, thinking we are just as interesting.

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  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Your Mt.Goats are wonderful> I love to see creatures in their naural habitat.When I was in Montana I saw a lot of elk and some mountain goats and my favorite the moose.~Betty~


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